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How your Beliefs Could be Blocking your Successful Life

Episode Summary

Our Guest today is Judy Kane, Judy is a PSYCH-K® facilitator, she prefers to think of herself as your partner in creating supportive subconscious beliefs that align with your conscious goals_____Judy Kane, Is also the founder of Aligned Consciousness,she helps people identify and release subconscious beliefs that keep them repeating unhealthy, stressful patterns. Her clients experience shifts which allow them to achieve their goals —with ease and comfort. Judy hosts workshops and presents in group sessions, conferences, and podcasts. Her goal is to help people understand what subconscious beliefs are and how to discover if they have any that are limiting them. Judy has discovered that most of our subconscious beliefs are acquired by the time we are seven years old, and many don't support our current goals. Identifying these beliefs and knowing that they can be changed is critical to living the life you want to live. She is the author of Your4Truths: How Beliefs Impact Your Life. Originally from Richmond, Virginia, she lives near Tampa Bay, Florida, usually with a rescued cat or dog (or two) as part of her household. In today’s Topics we cover ● 1. What are subconscious beliefs, and why should I care about them? ● 2. How would I know if subconscious beliefs are barriers to achieving my goals? ● 3. What does it look like when people make fear-based choices vs being drawn to what they actually want? ● 4. How did you (Judy) become a mindset change specialist? ● 5. Things listeners can do today to shift their beliefs that maybe holding them back

Episode Notes

●      Name: Judy Kane

●      Email Address: judy@alignedconsciousness.com

●     Location: Tarpon Springs, FL

●      Phone Number: 804-314-7611

●      Website: https://www.alignedconsciousness.com/

●      LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/in/judykanepsychk/

●      Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/alignedconsciousness

●  Instagram:

● To learn more about subconscious beliefs, visit her website and download some of the complimentary material offered there. +