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How EFT Tapping Can Help Heal Your Heart After Breakup, Divorce, Separation

Episode Summary

Andrea Hunt is an American expat who lives in Germany and she’s also a transformational life coach and EFT tapping practitioner. EFT tapping is becoming well known in coaching, counseling, and even therapy and clinical spaces because of its ability to help us emotionally heal feelings and situations in our life. Andrea is certified in EFT Tapping and decided to use this form of energy psychology that uses tapping on acupuncture points to calm the body’s nervous system and heal. Andrea has been using it for 10 years on herself and last year started using it for her own breakup along with a small group of others going through the same situation. EFT Tapping can be used on a daily or regular basis to help with the ups and downs of the emotional aftermath that comes with breakups, separations, and divorce to help women get themselves back to a place of emotional balance. EFT greatly helps in the emotional healing process to release hurt, anger, sadness, and resentment.

Episode Notes

As someone who’s gone through several tough breakups myself, I understand the way it can damage our self-esteem, and cause resentment, pain, and anger over the situation or at our ex-partner.

As someone who has had to completely rebuild my life again in another country in this situation and start from scratch again and I know how hard that can be just to start by taking steps in the right direction. 

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We discussed

1. How did you find EFT Tapping ?

2. How did you decide to use it for breakups?

3. How does EFT Tapping actually work?

4. How can it help to heal emotional pain?

5. What other uses does it have?

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