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Conscious Communication- The gateway for deeper connection your children and others

Episode Summary

Our guest today is, (Gratiela Petti) a Self-Love Coach, Certified in RTT- Rapid Transformational Therapy at Marisa Peer School, certified as a Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner, Member of International Association of Counselors and Therapists, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified in Clearing Beliefs with Joe Vitale and Steve J. Jones. In her practice, she has helped tens of people transform from a negative mindset to an empowered and positive version of themselves, where everything is possible, to discover and connect to their inner self, and to love themselves. The clients she works with go through chronic depression, poor self-esteem, low self-confidence, poor boundaries, and broken relationships. They have found a sense of joy and laughter, increased self-esteem and acceptance, and changed their relationships with their children and partners dramatically after working with me. She is a single mother born in Romania, fluent in five languages: Romanian, English, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. Ultimately, her purpose in life is to help people realize that love is the answer to everything, and if we can love ourselves and accept each other, we can both give and accept each other's love, so we can live together in harmony. In this podcast we discuss: 1. What is Conscious Communication? 2. Why is it necessary to communicate consciously 3. How can communication help us in creating deeper connections with others? 4. What are the types of communication that stops us from connecting with our loved ones? 5. Why do we take things personally when our children or our better half don’t listen to us? If we learn how to communicate with ourselves it becomes easier to communicate with others. We create a powerful external reality through our inner dialogue. When we have a positive internal dialogue, we will feel more confident and open, which will improve our mood and the way in which we interact with others. Having the confidence to speak our minds allows us to express our opinions and desires, which leads to solutions. Being able to communicate effectively helps us become vulnerable, which in turn leads to others feeling good about your company. Using words like, you must/you have to/you need to listen to me, creates a dominating behavioral pattern, creating a sense of inferiority in the receiver, and subconsciously, it is not accepted, since it takes away their individual senses, especially for children, who feel they don't feel heard and therefore, aren't cared for. Action step you can do 1. Make a 5-10 minute audio recording of your own voice with the results you want to achieve. Here's an example. I love myself/ I'm powerful/ I'm confident/ making mistakes is ok. 2. Keep a journal where you write down your emotions and your thoughts, both positive and negative. As a result, you become aware of the repetitive ones, and the next time you experience negative ones, you will pay attention to them, catch them, and flip them into positive ones. Over time, you will be able to change your thoughts towards positive and empowering ones. 3. Send love to everyone you encounter and interact with throughout the day. By doing that, you will set your mind to a state of compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness, which will result in smiles and openness.

Episode Notes

Name: Gratiela Petti

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