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Episode Summary

In this week’s episode I have my guest NIra Roche. She is an everyday biohacker mentor. We will be discussing her journey with biohacking. We will be giving you insights into *What is Biohacking *Why do we need to Biohack *What can someone expect from Biohacking to change their lif *How does emotions age us and how we can use this Biohacking to slow down the aging process *What is her secret sauce Guest Bio Nira Roche An Everyday Biohacking Mentor Nira is a Biohacker and calls herself Recovering Leopard. At the age of 12 Nira developed, stiff and painful joints throughout her body. Over time she became progressively limited in her ability to care for herself and in 2017 she totally wheelchair-bound and in bed , she needed to be turned and was fearing ending in a nursing home, as Stuart her husband , was reaching burn out. Through her life long journey of seeking to recover her Health and Vitality she has gained enormous knowledge of what it takes to regain wholesome health and vitality. Nira’s mission is to inspire, educate and empower others to make small daily tweaks or hacks so that they can live a more vital, energized life. Connect with her on Facebook so that you can get little tips and reminders for you to biohack your day and reverse/slow down your aging.

Episode Notes

● Name Nira Roche

● Email niraroche@gmail.com

● Location Melbourne Victoria Australia

● Phone Number +61419346015

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