HerRise Women Over 40

As host of HerRise, Michelle Hayes has a passion and purpose is to empower, inspire, and help women transform their lives, as well as to empower other women. This podcast was developed as a result of her experience as a Health Care Professional and Weight Loss coach for over 30 years. It is geared toward women and specifically women over 40 (we welcome both men and women) who are ready to reclaim their lives. As we navigate our way and transition through the 40s, 50s and beyond, we will discuss all topics that affect us. Many of us are facing challenges in life, such as aging, health, finances, relationships, and in need of inspirational guidance to help us navigate our way through them. Michelle and her guests will work together to help you to elevate, enabling you to move from just living to living well. We are here to help you navigate through this most wonderful phase of life in a safe, loving environment where you will find love and support. And the hope that you continue to go after your dreams so you live that full Life that our creator Designed for you to live. Fully Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit.